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Narcan Training

Eammon’s Heart provides essential overdose prevention education, naloxone administration, and emergency response training in partnership with Mass General Brigham and the Merrimack Valley Bridge Clinic. Through four yearly sessions, participants gain knowledge about opioid overdose risks, recognition, and response steps. Attendees leave with take-home naloxone kits, equipped to save lives by administering naloxone and performing rescue breathing.

Speaker Series

Our Heart-to-Heart Speaker Series features impactful local advocates addressing diverse topics, including Mental Health, Trauma-informed Drug Crisis Insights, Early Education, and Cultural Sensitivity, Suicide Prevention, Healing Youth Programs, and more. This platform ignites crucial conversations and knowledge sharing to drive positive change and community unity.

PEACE Project

The PEACE (Post Event After Care Engagement) Project empowers communities by educating and supporting families facing substance use disorders. This initiative equips families and community members with resources and training to prevent overdoses, offering solace and support during challenging times. By delivering essential information and tools, we strive to reduce the loss of life due to substance misuse and provide much-needed assistance to those affected.

Freedom Illumination Project

The FIP honors the US flag, embodying liberty and sacrifice, by ensuring proper overnight lighting for installations in accordance to code. Through maintenance, illumination, and community engagement, we aim to foster unity, educate youth on flag significance, and strengthen the city's sense of pride and patriotism. This initiative collaborates with local organizations instilling respect and understanding for the flag's importance.

Making an Impact Across the the Merrimack Valley

At Eammon’s Heart we are committed to training community members on how to administer Narcan to save lives. Training includes overdose education, basic overdose response, naloxone administration covers the following topics: Risks for opioid overdose, Recognizing the signs of an opioid overdose, Steps of overdose response: (1) Try to wake the person up; (2) Call 911; (3) Give naloxone; (4) Give rescue breathing until the person wakes up or medical help arrives.How to administer naloxone and perform rescue breathing. Local Good Samaritan laws and other relevant laws and policies and you will leave with a take-home naloxone kit. Join us at an upcoming training. [Link]

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Brilliant. Simply brilliant, thank you for providing this info!

Eammon's Heart is getting the message out to the community about Opioid awareness.

This training was transformative in my understanding of the mechanisms of an overdose and the critical care that bystanders can provide. Rebecca was incredibly articulate, and I walked away from the training with an empowered confidence to take action if I see someone in a potential overdose situation.

I think you did an amazing job and I will recommend others to attend your event.

Wonderful presentation by an amazing organization.

Thank you, Helen, for providing the Narcan kit. As someone who regularly works with the public and in a public building, I can't believe we didn't have one of these before. Thank you!

I think this training was fantastic! Important information that needs to be shared with EVERYONE!

I am looking forward to other trainings that Eammon's Heart will offer.